School of Musical Theatre

(Performance and Production) ATS 237/238
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A partnership between YWAM Gold Coast and YWAM Kona


The School of Musical Theatre (Performance and Production) is a six-month second level University of the Nations school, consisting of 12 weeks of lectures and 12 weeks of outreach.

Throughout the school, you will develop the skills, knowledge and character essential to creating, performing and producing musical theatre infused with Biblical truth. Additionally, we aim to equip you to enter the theatre industry as missionaries to be a light and witness for Jesus Christ.

Course Curriculum includes, God’s Heart for the Arts, the Global Musical Theatre Industry, Intimacy and Identity, Biblical Studies and the Hebraic mindset as well as being a missionary to this expressive sphere of society. Further to this, topics including, but not limited to Singing, Dancing, Acting, Playwriting, Music Composition, Directing, Set Design, Stage Management will also be explored. You will be exposed to the wide range of disciplines involved in Musical Theatre production while also developing an area of expertise.

You will receive 24 credits with the University of the Nations upon successful completion of the school.

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*Applicants need to have completed a Discipleship Training School (or DTS equivalent) prior to acceptance into this course.


Successful completion of a Discipleship Training School (DSP 211/212) is a prerequisite for gaining entry to this school.

Additionally, you should have previously developed skill in an area of musical theatre, or at the very least, a strong interest and aptitude in an area of musical theatre.


This school is unique! It is a mobile school hosted by two YWAM bases, in two countries (Australia and the USA). The first half of the lecture phase is held at the Gold Coast campus in Australia (Phase 1) and the second half of the lecture phase (Phase 2) is held at the Kona campus in Hawaii (we will travel together as a school from Australia to Hawaii).


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Location,Gold Coast Australia
Arrival Day,Wednesday November 16th 2016
Lectures,The first six weeks of lectures will be held on the Gold Coast in Australia!
Christmas Break,December 24th – 27th
Cost,$3000 AUD


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Location, Kona Hawaii
Arrival Day,Thursday January 5th 2017
Lectures,At the end of the six weeks in Australia we will jump on a plane and head to Kona Hawaii for Phase 2. (The last six weeks of the lecture phase). We will organise flights to Kona once you arrive in Australia and they will be linked to our outreach flights.
Cost,$3000 AUD


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Outreach Location,TBD (to be determined). At the end of our six weeks in Kona we will have some time (a week or two) to prepare for outreach and then we’ll head out on an adventure with Jesus! We will return to the Gold Coast for the final week of the school for debrief and wrap up!
Cost,TBD (to be determined).

NB: The total cost of the Lecture Phase is approximately $5150 USD.


The school will give you a broad understanding of the many facets that contribute to musical theatre production, whilst also giving you the opportunity to work on a specific skill area.

Some of the topics we will explore include:

  • God’s Heart for the Arts
  • Musical Theatre History
  • Performance (Singing, Dancing and Acting)
  • Writing for Musical Theatre
  • Biblical Studies and the Hebraic Mindset
  • Music Theory
  • Stage Management
  • Producing
  • Directing
  • Music Composition
  • Lighting, Set and Costume Design
  • Intimacy and Identity
  • Worship/Prayer & Missions/Evangelism

The major project for the school will involve you collaborating with fellow students to create an original musical theatre production of approximately 20 minutes that communicates Biblical truth. The production will tour as part of the school’s outreach component. Students will also engage in complementary outreach activities such as assisting with a community Christmas carols production.


Experienced theatre professionals will help guide you during your school and assist you to develop greater skill, deeper knowledge and stronger character.


The School Leader, Melissa Fenton, holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Drama and a Master of Creative Industries in Creative Production and Arts Management. The final project for her Masters, a thesis, was titled ‘Mapping the Global Musical Theatre Industry: Locating the Role and Career Path of the Musical Theatre Producer and Levering Acumen for Career Success.’ Melissa has worked in both professional and community theatre settings. She has worked on stage, backstage and front of house. Melissa is passionate about King Jesus and seeing His Kingdom established on earth as it is in Heaven – particularly in and through the theatre industry (and the Middle East… but that’s a story for another day!) Melissa also holds a Certificate III in Music.

Melissa completed her Discipleship Training School in 2000 and since then has been on staff with YWAM Gold Coast, YWAM Kona and YWAM Melbourne. She has also completed a School of Evangelism, School of Acting for the Screen, Applied Filmmaking Internship, Bible Core Course and Peoples of the Middle East Seminar with University of the Nations.


There are three sections to the School of Musical Theatre application process:

  • General Application Form
  • Musical Theatre Training and Experience Questionnaire
  • A Video Application

The instructions are in the application form itself.

For more information email us at: somt@ywamgc.com.au

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