1 Year “Down Under”

1 Year “Down Under”

June marked 1 year in Australia ??
365 days of choosing Jesus
100+ new friends made
Over 50+ lives changed
5+ adventures to new cities 
1 country / continent / island
1 girl
1 reason

This past year in Australia has been a year of growth, a year of finding myself, a year of turmoil and a year of grace. When I reflect on the past year, the days have been long, the weeks short, and the months even shorter. But the thing that has remained constant has been God.

Cliché I know, but hear me out.
God is the one person in my whole entire life, that I can guarantee will pick me every minute, of EVERY day. Wanna know why? Because he gave up his son for me. Because he is fascinated by ME. Because every time I call upon his name, HE gets the butterflies. Psalms 139 says that he knew us in the womb – he knows when we sit and when we stand. His thoughts about US outnumber the grains of sand in the world.
Do you understand how much sand is in the whole world? We’re talking a lot.

If I can’t count on the person that knows me best, who can I count on?

And notice what I said above, 365 days of CHOOSING Jesus! That doesn’t mean that it’s been easy, it doesn’t mean that I want to go home some days, it doesn’t mean that everything is perfect. What it means is that it’s a relationship, and to have a relationship you have to choose to be in it – no matter how tough, how easy, how bad, or how good it may seem. I make a choice every day – and moments within the day – to choose God. Because his ways are so much better than anything I could have ever imagined for my life.

Thanks to YWAM GC for challenging me, inspiring me, loving me, caring for me, but most of all, accepting me.

Thanks for being my home away from home and the greenhouse for my life with Jesus.

One year down – cheers to another one 

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Written by: Brittany Bodien // Oct DTS Leader
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