10 Ways To Decorate For Christmas On A YWAM Budget | Photo Blog

10 Ways To Decorate For Christmas On A YWAM Budget | Photo Blog

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As YWAMers, we often live far from home, and find ourselves celebrating holidays away from our families and familiar traditions. Because we are full-time missionaries, we often lack the funds needed for a lavish Christmas celebration. But I have exciting news for you! Decorating for Christmas doesn’t need to be expensive, and in fact, it’s possible even on a YWAM budget! Check out these 10 tips for your own holiday inspiration!

1. Lights

Whether you utilise the fairy lights already hanging up, or you invest in some multicoloured Christmas lights, the lights themselves bring so much cheer and festivity to any room! If you aren’t able to hang them from your room walls, then try wrapping them around your bunk beds!

2. Make paper snowflakes

This is a very cheap and (relatively) easy way to make your own decorations! If you never learned how to do this as a child, don’t worry! There are heaps of tutorials and instructions on the internet to help you out.

3. Candles

There are so many different potentials for candles! Christmas scented ones, colourful ones, and if you aren’t allowed to burn them in your room, grab some battery-operated tea lights or candlesticks. Make your room warmer and cozier with candles!

4. DIY wreath

You can sometimes find inexpensive wreaths at Kmart, variety stores or dollar stores, but if you can’t find any, make your own! If you live somewhere with a winter Christmas, collect some boughs of evergreen trees, holly, berries and pine cones. If you live in the southern hemisphere, you might want a wreath to look more summery. I suggest using eucalyptus, baby’s breath, or even some fresh flowers.

5. Hang up stockings

If you have your stocking from home, hang it up! You could put it under your window sill or attach it to your bunk bed. Maybe you don’t have a stocking, and you don’t want to buy one, but you can still make one! Trace and cut some card stock, or if you’re super crafty, use felt and a hot glue gun to make your own little DIY stocking!

6. Tinsel

You can find tinsel at Kmart, variety stores or even at the grocery store! Hang it from your curtain rod or your bunk bed to brighten up your bedroom.

7. DIY Christmas Countdown

I bought a little Santa countdown from Kmart for $7, but I’ve also found templates online for Christmas cubes and home-made Advent calendars. I think this is a very fun way to get into the Christmas spirit!

8. Wrap your room

Love Christmas presents? Me too! Turn your bedroom objects into festive gifts by looping ribbon around your bunk bed, tying a bow around your lamp stand or framing your window sill with ribbon. If you have any photos or pictures in your room, wrap them in Christmas paper.

9. Ornaments

These are cheap to buy and easy to make! Hanging them up from items in your room will make you feel at home, and will scratch your creativity itch.

10. Snow globe

My last DIY Christmas idea is to make your own snow globe! You can find instructions online, and you should be able to find all you need from a craft store, Kmart or variety store. Even if you aren’t experiencing a white Christmas this year, you can still create and enjoy one!

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