5 Reasons To Do A YWAM DTS

1. Learn about your identity in Christ

This is a transformational revelation to have, whether on Discipleship Training School or not. Knowing what Jesus says about you and who He says you are will make a huge difference in your life. Overcome the shame of the past, and find strength, confidence and vision for your future. Knowing your identity helps you interact with others, reminding you how much each person matters to the Lord. Additionally, there’s always room for deeper understanding of identity. Maybe you already know that you are a child of God, however, you might still need to forgive yourself for past actions. Regardless of where you are on your journey, uncovering truths about identity will bring healing and breakthrough to your life!

2. Live in an environment that encourages growth

One of the benefits of doing a DTS through YWAM is receiving support and mentoring from Christians further along in the faith journey. You will regularly spend time with a staff member to discuss all that God is revealing to you and how you’re growing. You are encouraged to share your triumphs, struggles, prayer requests and praise reports with your staff and your fellow students. DTS is unique because you are surrounded by Christians who are passionate about the Gospel, dedicated to evangelism and whole-hearted in pursuit of God. 

3. Step out of your comfort zone

Christians often talk about “leaping into the unknown”, but the idea of trusting God can be quite daunting. Leaving your comfort zone might mean shouting “Jesus loves you” through a megaphone, or it could be as simple as conversing with someone you’ve never met. Everyone is on a different journey, so don’t feel anxious. Trusting God to take care of you, and giving Him control is scary, but He will never let you down. On DTS, there are lots of opportunities to step out of your comfort zone, and as you trust God with more and more, you will begin growing closer to Him.

4. Experience God’s faithfulness

As you begin learning more about God and taking leaps of faith, you will encounter God’s goodness. The more risks you take, like flying across the world, sharing your testimony, or preaching in front of a crowd, the more opportunities you give God to show up in your life. It’s so freeing to realise that you don’t need to worry or doubt. God is always with you and He will never leave you or forsake you. A lot of Christians know this to be true in their minds, but few believe it in their hearts and therefore don’t live with that assurance. Don’t limit yourself from experiencing God’s faithfulness at its fullest!

5. Meet people from all over the world

When you come to do your DTS, you’ll have the opportunity to make friends from many different countries and unique cultural backgrounds. It’s exciting to learn new things about other nations and to share your own traditions and culture with new friends. Even after you’ve finished DTS, you have friends in every corner of the globe!

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