5 Practical Ways to Fundraise for YWAM

5 Practical Ways to Fundraise for YWAM

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5 Practical Ways To Fundraise For YWAM

How many of you (even myself) want to serve in YWAM but realize finances can be a challenge? From experience, I’m going to say about 80% of YWAMers have had this thought cross their mind, however, when we obey God’s calling and come and serve, that’s where he shows he’s faithful!

Yes, we believe God for finances, YWAM is called to relational support, why?
YWAM is called to a relationship based support system, depending on God and His people for financial provision, both corporately and individually. We believe that relationship based support promotes responsibility, accountability, communication & mutual prayer. It involves the donor as a partner in ministry. As God and others have been generous towards us, so we desire to be generous. YWAMers give themselves their time and talents in God through the Mission with no expectation of remuneration.

So here it is folks; 5 Practical Ways to Fundraise for YWAM!!!

1 – Social Media Fundraising:

~Everyone knows of GoFundMe, it’s a great tool for fundraising for a cause, however, it can be overlooked, I’d recommend using GoFundMe to raise funds for just Outreach finances!

~Create a Facebook fan page, tell your story, post photos, intrigue people to want to support what you’re doing! “Am I worth supporting?”

~MailChimp is a great way to send out newsletters and updates to numerous people at once, here is where you can tell your story, explain the financial side to what you’re doing and add links (at people’s convenience) to donate. Show people your budget, how you plan on spending the money they donate, people love to know where their money goes if they are giving!

~Are you creative? Use that side of you and create an Etsy store! Sell your creations, whether that’s jewelry, paintings, DIY projects, etc..

2 – Visual fundraisers:

~Start a visual fundraiser, depending on where you’re going, create a map (Let’s say Australia since we are in Gold Coast). You could split up the states to each have a monetary value for people to support monthly, Queensland = $100 monthly Victoria = $50. People get excited when they see progress and love to jump in on what you’re doing! It’s a fun way to involve people!

~I personally did an “adopt a box campaign.” On poster paper, I wrote out 100 boxes, each box representing a monetary value for a one-time donation (79=$79 2=$2). This gave people options on how much or how little to donate, and it adds up fast!

~If you are saving for a flight to go home, draw out an airplane and ask people to donate $20 to each seat on the plane, once it’s filled, you can head to the location you are raising for!

3 – Silent Auction:

~Go around to local businesses, explain to people what you are doing and see if they’d like to partner with you by donating something! Many companies/businesses donate to charities, be worth supporting, tell your story with passion! Collect all the items and host a “silent auction” whether at a hall, house, park and invite your friends and family, let them know what you’re doing and what the proceeds are going towards, plus they get something in return.

4 – Concert

~Are you musical? Do you have musical friends/family? Host a mini-fundraiser concert in your backyard/house! Have donation jars around, charge a cover fee or make it a coin donation, make baked goods to sell, order some pizzas, let the neighborhood know what’s happening, invite your church, friends, make posters and hang them around the area, people LOVE live music.


5 – Host A Garage Sale:

~If you’re planning on leaving home for a while (even 6 months) I’m sure you have things you’d love to get rid of, as well, I’m sure your family or friends would love to donate items to you to sell! Make posters “Garage Sale for Missions.” Make it known what you’re doing and why you are trying to make money, people love to donate to good causes!

Matthew 6:31-32 Therefore do not be anxious, saying, ‘What shall we eat?’ or ‘What shall we drink?’ or ‘What shall we wear?’ For the Gentiles seek after all these things, and your heavenly Father knows that you need them all.

Don’t let finances get in the way of your calling. There are numerous ways (much more than 5) to make money for YWAM. Plus our God is a good Father, a Father who makes a way. 


If you are wanting more information on how to support raise, visit our website, fill out a contact form and our registrars will be in contact with you!
Written By: Paige Lancelot // Media & Hospitality
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