Need help fundraising?

Whether you’ve been planning to join YWAM for awhile now or just heard about us last week and just want to get involved in missions somehow, we find ourselves here …

…we know the feeling of “What now! how am I going to survive?” Seeing all your finances come in can be quite the challenge, but it’s very achievable. We’ve had 100’s of people just like you join us for our Discipleship Training Schools alone and every single one has come with amazing stories of seeing God provide. The most important thing in the midst of all the questions and planning is believing that He Can – and WANTS – to provide for YOU!

Believing God for money can feel a bit daunting at times, but all it takes is the courage to take that step of faith and you too will have a story to tell. We want to share our faith experiences – and the lessons we’ve learned – with you. Have a look through the resources below and listen to stories of people a lot like you. Our hope is that you would find the courage – and a few resources – to take the plunge into missions!

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