God Is Faithful

God Is Faithful

Going to the YWAM base in Goldcoast, Australia,  I had absolutely no expectations or ideas of what I was getting myself into.  I honestly didn’t even know what YWAM entailed. All I knew is that I went head first into it, with an open mind and open heart. I was open and ready for anything. With this mindset, I can genuinely say that within even the first week of being there, I knew my life was going to change.

Not only did I bond with the staff and my fellow students, but most importantly bonded with God. Within the first week, I could already feel my hunger and my passion being set on fire for Him. I began to fast; during this fast, I felt an overwhelming glimpse of His love for me and His living light shining through Me. He spoke to me about my passions, my worries and the way He had created me. I was His beloved daughter.

I could hear his voice so intensely that I was struck with awe and began to cry. I was full of tears because it made me think, “I’ve missed this my whole life due to silly distractions” which we refer to as “reality” or “the real world”.  Which is ironic because, in these moments that I spent with our God, they were the most real, intriguing, extravagant moments I’ve ever had in my life. I have never felt more “real”, in my existence than the moments that I was with our Heavenly Father.

Now that I am back home in the so-called “reality”, I consistently look back at my journals that I kept over those last six months and I find myself diving right back into the divine romance with my Father.  I got a strong taste of Him half way around the world, and now I can honestly say He has still got me in His grasp, a grasp that has me feeling so safe, and so loved. 

Just the other day I went through my two-way journaling conversations I had with God, I read about the things He told me about my future, certain people in my life and situations that would arise.  He shared with me many reassuring promises, and paths He wanted me to take. Back then, at that point, I didn’t necessarily understand or comprehend what He was telling me, but I felt Him directly speaking to my heart and I continued to write out all the things He popped into my head.

To this day, I look back at the things He spoke to me and over my life, I see now that over half of them have now occurred in my life since being home. Visions He gave me of scenarios that would take place, actually happened months later, certain situations began to occur in family/friends lives that He told me about months prior, and finally, the 3 biggest passions/dreams I had for my future began to unfold.  I got accepted into Nursing, something I have felt so called to do my entire life, and also I am now currently mentoring junior girls about the love of God, and lastly my boyfriend, that I adore, has finally opened his eyes and heart to the Father to see all He has in store for his life. These were all prayers that I constantly talked to Him about, and every time He reassured me that it was all in His hands.  He is Faithful, He is Love, and He is my reality.

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Written by: Bailey Kachaluba // Former DTS Student
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