Home has always been one single place for me, the same place for 18 years. It came complete with a big yard, plenty of forests, & filled with people who share the same DNA as me. It only began to change shape when I first moved to college, then to another, & now across the world.

Home stopped looking like a place to me, & more like a person. Home began to look like the face of Jesus.

My whole life I have tried to find comfort and something to keep me anchored in the things and people around me, yet nothing seemed to work. When you’re in a new place in a foreign land like I was on outreach in Africa a few months ago, nothing seems steady except the one who created it all. Nothing is constant except His embrace. It can sometimes feel like we leave a bit of our hearts in the places we go but the one thing that remains steadfast amidst the shifting currents & raging winds is Jesus. When we look for stability in the things of this world it just doesn’t work, it is only a recipe for being letdown. Our roots should go down in Him and in doing so steadying our very beings.

I sometimes find myself feeling like I’m stuck on the inside of a tornado with everything always changing around me. However, I have found that the only true rest for me is found when I am still in the presence of God. What I have learned in my current season is that you can rest all you want physically, but you will never actually find rest until you are still at the very foot of the cross.

Once you learn to do that, His face will begin to look like home no matter what your ever-changing circumstances feel like around you!

Written by: Rachel Patton // DTS staff
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