How God Transformed My Life During My YWAM DTS

I decided to do a Discipleship Training School and it changed my life. For the first time ever, I stepped out of my comfort zone, leaving my family and friends behind as I followed God to the ends of the earth. Here are four ways my DTS transformed my life:

1. Overcoming Fear

Coming from America, I honestly never thought I would make it to Australia. It seemed so far away, so different than my home and so impossible. But nothing is impossible with God. This is one of the biggest things God taught me on my DTS, and it is something He continues to remind me even now. Trusting God in situations where I had absolutely no control was really hard, but as I look back, I see that God was growing my faith each step of the way .

2. Hearing God’s Voice

A lot of the time, people think that they have to be in control. This causes stress in decision making, since we fear that if we make a mistake, we’ll ruin our lives. For me, DTS really changed my perspective on decision making. I learnt that God speaks to His children, and that He truly cares about our decisions. God speaks to us in many ways, such as visions, Bible verses, dreams, and through other people. Those are just a few ways He speaks to us, and He is so faithful. I have found so much peace in hearing God speak to me, and following His direction for my life, rather than trying to make my own path.

3. Finding Identity in Christ

DTS is often a time where God reveals past hurts or sins in our lives, and uncovers those buried emotions. One area that God really nurtured during my DTS was my identity. As a child of divorced parents, I grew up with abandonment issues. I blamed myself for my parents’ mistakes and believe that I wasn’t worthy of love. However, once I began my DTS, I realized that my identity is not about my parents’ or my family, nor is it even about me. It’s about God. He is loving, kind, generous, creative, beautiful, worthy. Because I am made in His image, I am all of those things, too. I am His beloved daughter and that is my identity. Learning that truth bolstered my sense of worth and purpose. Sometimes, I still have to remind myself to live out my identity, but I will never doubt who God says I am.

4. Choosing a Lifestyle of Missions

Even before DTS, the idea of missions inspired me. It was such a worthwhile cause and an adventure waiting to happen. I loved the idea of serving God while stepping out of my comfort zone, and I was excited to experience different nations and cultures. What drew me to YWAM specifically was its motto: know God and make Him known. Coming out of high school, I had faith in God, but I really desired to learn more about Him, and longed to know Him more personally. I felt very passionate about reaching the lost and helping those in need, but I knew that I needed the Lord to work on my heart and mind before I stepped out to help others. As DTS students, we encounter God in ways we could never imagine. We also have the privilege to “Go into all the earth and make disciples of all nations (Mark 16:15)”. On my DTS, God challenged me about my fear of sharing the Gospel. While feeding the hungry and building churches are good things, the most important thing we can do is bring people into the Kingdom and share the gift of eternal life. I am so grateful I learnt this truth on my Discipleship Training School. Additionally, I feel equipped to continue walking this out in my daily life. 

My life was truly transformed on my YWAM Discipleship Training School, and I strongly encourage you to take that step of faith. The idea of missions is often daunting, but don’t be afraid! Missionary Hudson Taylor encourages, “God isn’t looking for people of great faith, but for individuals ready to follow Him.” Trusting God is worth it. So what are you waiting for?

by Fiona Winslade
YWAM Gold Coast Staff

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