Know God

Know God

This is YWAM’s first value.

YWAM is committed to know God, His nature, His character and His ways. We seek to reflect who He is in every aspect of our lives and ministry. The automatic overflow of knowing and enjoying fellowship with God is a desire to share Him with others.

What does knowing God mean?

“I was raised in a Christian home, I went to church every Sunday with my family. I was told stories about the Bible at Sunday school. During all my childhood, my parents or other people would tell me about God, so I knew about God. But this is not knowing God right?

There is a difference between knowing about a person and knowing that person. I started knowing God when I started praying and talking to Him. It’s like any other relationship; when you meet someone, the more you talk to that person, the more you get to know her/him. God knows each one of us perfectly, He created us. We can’t hide anything from Him. God is always there for us, He is just waiting for us to hang out with Him. It’s our choice to deepen our relationship with Him or not. The more time you spend with your friend, the more your friendship is deepened. It’s the same with God. Once you understand that God wants to be your best friend, your father, your comforter, your everything; it makes it easier to understand what knowing God means.

How has knowing God changed your life?

“Knowing that He is constant. He is the same yesterday, today and forever. He will always be there for me. I’ll never feel alone. Spending time with Him is always restful, peaceful and encouraging. He is never pushing me down but lifting me up.

Sometimes, loneliness is God’s cry for time with you.

Last year, I decided to set 6 months apart to focus on my relationship with God. Doing a Discipleship Training School was one of my best decisions ever. I got a fresh revelation of who God is just by seeking Him daily. I can’t get enough of knowing Him. My life is completely different since then!

God brings so much peace and joy into my life everyday. I know He’s always available for me. No matter in what situation I am, He has the solution for me and knows exactly what I need. I no longer need to walk through life by myself but God is definitely carrying me all the time.

Written by: Aless Amstutz // base staff



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