Nineteen Never Looked So Good

Nineteen Never Looked So Good

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Nineteen Never Looked So Good.

Nineteen years ago, in 1998, YWAM Gold Coast started with a total of seven staff members, one building and a broken down van. The seven staff members lived, worked, and breathed in the base. The same building that we have now as offices, was once their rooms. With no fancy details at the base, they made a living, and they did what God had called them to do: Minister to the Gold Coast.

The year 2000, was the start of everything, that was the year that the first Discipleship Training School (DTS) happened, and since then, it has taken off. We have successfully run DTS’s for seventeen years now, it hasn’t been easy, there have been days where we want to quit, but there are also days when God shows up, and every hard time is overlooked because God is worth it.

Earlier this year, God brought a word to the base about Celebrating More. As a base, we are supposed to celebrate God, and the things that He has done, but as well, we are called to celebrate in a greater manner.

We are called to celebrate CHANGE.

What? Change? How can you celebrate change? Change is bad! – Well, not always. The year 2017 has brought our base a lot of change. We are refining our base, not just physically, but also within our Departments. Especially our training department. God has spoken so much over this, and we are wanting to be more effective with our ministry and what God is calling us to do.

From this day forward, YWAM Gold Coast is embracing the challenge that God brings to us! We are looking at it as an opportunity for growth, for newness, for unity with God. We are changing the way we think and the way that we pursue God. We are wanting more of Him.


At our Monday morning meeting, we cut a red ribbon to symbolize the new. We are celebrating the change that God has brought forth, and we are celebrating Him. Because, no matter the change, God is still good. We are seeking out the joy that the Holy Spirit has given us. We are taking each opportunity with open hands, and exclaiming “Jesus, come and have your way with us!

If you personally want to learn more about YWAM Gold Coast’s history, feel free to check out our website for information on how to join us 🙂
Written By: Brittany Bodien // Media, Registrar, DTS Leader
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