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The Gold Coast

Nate Mavis has been serving our base heartily for the last 7 years. He is currently transitioning into a new season outside of YWAM and I’ve asked him a couple questions about the Gold Coast.

What is your favorite place on the Gold Coast and why?

My favorite place on the Gold Coast of Australia is of course YWAM Gold Coast.  It’s my favorite place for many reasons.  Through this community I was given the chance to be known. I can say with confidence that it was here my faith in Jesus was forged. I’ll forever be indebted to the ministry of YWAM Gold Coast, as their love has made me better in every way.

How would you describe the “Gold Coast culture”?

I would describe the culture of the Gold Coast to be one of rest and enjoyment.  The coastline is filled with high-rise accommodation for people to get away and relax.  This place not only attracts people from the rest of Australia to its beaches, but also people from around the world. If you were to start a pickup game of volleyball in Surfers Paradise there would likely be 7-10 different countries represented.  A great word to describe the Gold Coast is “diverse” – it’s one of the many things I love about this city. 

How does YWAM Gold Coast impact this location?

YWAM Gold Coast has been instrumental in healing this city.  I could spend hours testifying of the incredible work YWAM Gold Coast has done in the few short years I’ve served with them. Our aim has always been to follow Jesus to the best of our ability and Jesus’ aim has always been people. So, what does that look like practically? It looks like a community of people asking Jesus what He wants and Him pointing us to meet the needs of others. We share our faith, love, and service to anybody and everybody willing to receive it. This organization’s love isn’t just an idea that’s talked about, it’s real and tangible. It’s changing this city every day.

What is your prayer for this place?

My prayer for the Gold Coast is simple…

My prayer is that the people walking it’s shores would grasp how wide and long and high and deep the love of Christ is. 

If you’d like to be part of our community in this dream location, check our website and see what we have on offer for you.

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