We’re putting the WHY back in Y-WAM – 12 points on why we do what we do.

We’re putting the WHY back in Y-WAM – 12 points on why we do what we do.

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We’re putting the WHY back in Y-WAM – 12 points on why we do what we do.

As a ‘full-time employee at YWAM Gold Coast,’ I found it initially quite difficult to communicate what I do. However, as time went on, I nailed it. Explaining that YWAM is “an international organization that has three main focuses: Mercy ministry, evangelism and training,” was a definition that usually sufficed any questions asked.

However, in this post, I thought I would delve into that which is not asked – ‘What it’s like to be a YWAMer. So here goes, being a YWAMer in 12 points…


    1. Community Living – No matter where you are from, you come from a community – That could be many people or few, friends and/or family, encouraging or toxic. A YWAMers life revolves around creating a supportive community in which people are challenged and encouraged to love God, love themselves and love their neighbour.

    2. Family – While it is a ‘workplace’ from 9am-5:30pm (often longer), we are fully aware that the Kingdom of God begins with family. Without that feeling of family, it is just another program. Like any good family, a YWAMers life is one of loving sacrificially for the best interest of others.

    3. God – It is a life in which the need for God is made apparent (painfully apparent sometimes). Working as full-time volunteers who are not  freeloaders (aka it costs money to stay alive and have shelter), many YWAMers are on this journey of experiencing God and learning to obey and trust Him for their needs. It is neat hearing bible stories and inspiring missionary stories; However, growth comes when your faith is supplemented by experiencing God’s faithfulness.

    4. Multicultural and International – You will gain friends from nearly every continent of the world. It is also likely that you will start to accidentally pronounce words wrong and say things like ketchup (for an Australian – that is concerning #losingaccent).

    5. Experience-ial – God is a knowable God who isn’t disconnected, but rather, actively pursuing a depth of relationship with his sons and daughters who desire that they would be set free by Truth. The YWAMers life is one of experiencing God’s love. It is upon seeing God at work, that you can have confidence in God and know that you know God. So, in a way, you experience the Holy Spirit transforming and touching lives (in a greenhouse environment).

    6. Discipleship – Jesus’ disciples were loved, but also dished out truth – sometimes rather bluntly. Living in an environment in which community, family and relationship are valued and sought after, you cannot hide ‘poor character traits’ forever. So, it is very likely you will be dished out some truth (hopefully done in love). In those moments, you can address areas of growth and grow into the image of love that God wants to form inside of you. Discipleship is found not in hearing the word, but in abiding in it.

    7. A life of surrender and sacrifice – Are you able to rejoice in God with and without material possessions? Even when you accidentally dye all your white shirts pink and can’t afford to buy new ones? Jesus’ love was one of surrender of heavenly comfort and great sacrifice. Likewise, many YWAMers give up comforts and financial security to trust God for food, clothing, outreach fees, weekly rent, ect. They also sacrifice six months of their life in order to see DTS students grow in their character and walk with God. Discipleship is a 24hr access journey – one you don’t always feel like doing. Sometimes room to breath is nice, but the reward of seeing a life transformed is a small sacrifice.

    8. It is an uncomfortable journey – When you give your dreams and aspirations to God and feel called elsewhere for a season, it will definitely make you aware of what motivates you in life. During staffing, at times, you will likely become painfully aware of how bad your attitudes and motives are. This will likely be a very uncomfortable journey as the Spirit leads you away from selfish motives and into love.

    9. A Journey of Discovery. You will discover your heart motives, your giftings, discover other cultures and see many things which will likely challenge and inspire you. Discoveries which will change the course and purpose of your life. Hopefully they will cause you to take responsibility and become the positive change that the world needs.

    10. Revealing – When you lay down your dreams and aspirations on the altar to seek God’s Kingdom first, God is faithful in revealing more of your calling, gifting, and your place in the body of Christ. As more is revealed, those dreams and aspirations will be re-shaped and moulded. As life is lived in relationship with God, you will discover what God’s love looks like and means – in turn, revealing who you really are.

    11. Growth – It is a life in which you will be stretched in what you perceive and believe – one in which there is room for mistakes and plenty of lessons. A life where you can either grow and become more compassionate and receptive in following God, or become bitter and let down. It is a life in which challenges are faced. We can either go through them with God and grow, or accuse God and drift away. Might be similar to your life there?

    12. However it is one in which you see the Kingdom of God forcefully advancing. It’s advances, are not what you would think, though. It’s advances are when love comes down and transforms, touching lives. Love (founded in Truth) is the greatest force at work in this world; yet, it is one which must be lived out. Love actually looks like something. It is sacrificial, pure, truthful, encouraging and honouring. Love is Jesus – Love. It is seen on earth when we accept Jesus’ Lordship – that’s something we all can do.






12 points to a YWAMers life for all those curious souls who have wondered what it is like. Maybe it’s time for you to take the plunge in your journey with God. Where is he calling you? Do you know that he loves you personally? If not, then check out the DTS/staffing options on our website. Let’s grow in faith together.

Written by YWAM GC Staff Member, Andy Dunstan
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