Why I Choose Gratitude In The Midst Of Worry

The last two years have been more stressful than I could have ever imagined. I have been diagnosed with a chronic disease, gotten engaged, planned a wedding, undergone eye surgery and moved house six times. I was forced to change my wedding plans last minute, and a beloved family member died suddenly while I was

1 Year “Down Under”

1 Year “Down Under” June marked 1 year in Australia ?? 365 days of choosing Jesus 100+ new friends made Over 50+ lives changed 5+ adventures to new cities  1 country / continent / island 1 girl 1 reason JESUS …  This past year in Australia has been a year of growth, a year of finding


Why I Am Thankful For YWAM Gold Coast

Why I Am Thankful For YWAM Gold Coast Now that I’ve been here with YWAM Gold Coast for just under a year, I’ve begun to notice some things. Things that make me realize how thankful I am for this base. When I came to the Gold Coast, I never imagined falling in love with this


My Life Was A Mess Until I Met You

My Life Was A Mess Until I Met You Once upon a time, I was hungover, in messy situations, with a desire to be noticed. I drank too much, handed myself over to boys like an object and danced on tabletops. Eventually, a time came where my dancing was cut short. I realized that what


What Easter Means to Me…

  What Easter Means to Me… Growing up, Easter was always about getting new dresses for church, being with family, finding Easter eggs, and my mom ruining the potatoes, (not joking, three years in a row it happened).  Nowadays, I realize that Easter is much more than Scalloped Potatoes and Ham on a Sunday Afternoon

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