Understanding vs. Trusting

UNDERSTANDING vs. TRUSTING Hello! I sit here in Canada to write out some more thoughts to my fellow readers. I was expecting I would be back in Australia by now, but due to delays with the acceptance of my newest visa, here in Canada I remain for the time being. I have found myself easily


1 Year “Down Under”

1 Year “Down Under” June marked 1 year in Australia ?? 365 days of choosing Jesus 100+ new friends made Over 50+ lives changed 5+ adventures to new cities  1 country / continent / island 1 girl 1 reason JESUS …  This past year in Australia has been a year of growth, a year of finding


5 Practical Ways to Fundraise for YWAM

5 Practical Ways To Fundraise For YWAM How many of you (even myself) want to serve in YWAM but realize finances can be a challenge? From experience, I’m going to say about 80% of YWAMers have had this thought cross their mind, however, when we obey God’s calling and come and serve, that’s where he


Nineteen Never Looked So Good

Nineteen Never Looked So Good. Nineteen years ago, in 1998, YWAM Gold Coast started with a total of seven staff members, one building and a broken down van. The seven staff members lived, worked, and breathed in the base. The same building that we have now as offices, was once their rooms. With no fancy

“It Will Not Be Easy…”

“It Will Not Be Easy…” So, as my time at home is coming to a close, very fast, may I add, I really began to question everything that God had told me. Before I left Australia, I was told countless times, “You will probably begin to rethink everything, but stand tall, and REMEMBER what the Lord has told you.” So,


What Easter Means to Me…

  What Easter Means to Me… Growing up, Easter was always about getting new dresses for church, being with family, finding Easter eggs, and my mom ruining the potatoes, (not joking, three years in a row it happened).  Nowadays, I realize that Easter is much more than Scalloped Potatoes and Ham on a Sunday Afternoon


YWAM GC Staff Testimony // Tara Lemna

YWAM GC Staff Testimony // Tara Lemna Youth With A Mission Gold Coast staff members are involved in long-term missions, and desire to see specific goals reached in the overall task of world evangelism. Their ministry commitment in YWAM GC can range from two years to a lifetime. In YWAM Gold Coast one of the
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