Our Gold Coast

The Gold Coast Nate Mavis has been serving our base heartily for the last 7 years. He is currently transitioning into a new season outside of YWAM and I’ve asked him a couple questions about the Gold Coast. What is your favorite place on the Gold Coast and why? My favorite place on the Gold


Walk with God

Walk with God God gives us freedom which allows us to make our own decisions, to choose what we want. We choose whether we walk through life holding God’s’ hand or not. I believe that walking with God is the key to freedom. How have you experienced freedom in your life? Unfortunately, I’ve experienced life without God meaning, I


“The Greater The Struggle…”

“The Greater The Struggle…”   “The greater the struggle, the more glorious the triumph!” … That was a quote from a video I watched from my DTS. At the time, this quote seemed like a paradox to me. Like the more I suffered, the more “glorious” my life would be. But now I realize that


We’re putting the WHY back in Y-WAM – 12 points on why we do what we do.

We’re putting the WHY back in Y-WAM – 12 points on why we do what we do. As a ‘full-time employee at YWAM Gold Coast,’ I found it initially quite difficult to communicate what I do. However, as time went on, I nailed it. Explaining that YWAM is “an international organization that has three main


Classic Gold Coast DTS 2017

Our Classic Gold Coast DTS runs from the world famous Gold Coast of Australia,one of the top destinations on the planet! Every year millions of tourists from around the world come to enjoy our gorgeous beaches and surf some of the world’s best waves. We have an amazing geographical location where over 5000 visitors a day come
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