Online Volunteer Application Form

Welcome to our Online Volunteer Application Form. If you have any questions while filling in this application form please don’t hesitate to contact us, you can also save your progress as you go and return back to complete the form.

YWAM GC VOLUNTEER Online Application Form

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Welcome to our Online Application Form.

 If you have any questions during the application please don't hesitate to contact us

Personal Details

Marital Status

Mailing Adress

Physical Adress

Contact Details

Passport / Visa Information

Upon acceptance, registrar will notify you with further information regarding the visa application process.

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Emergency Information

In case of emergency please contact

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Experience in English

All volunteers who do not speak English as their first language are required to complete this form in order to be considered.

All the conversations, instructions and meetings are in English. We ask that you will be able to communicate with us. Please answer the following questions to evaluate your level of English.  

Educational Experience

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Personal History

Please prayerfully answer the following questions.

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Please send your 3 references (Pastor – Spiritual mentor / Teacher / YWAM Leader - Friend) to our website to click on the "parents & referees" tab to fill out an online reference form for you.

Please be aware that we cannot process your application fully until we have received your reference emails.

Pastor Reference

Employer / Teacher / YWAM Leader Reference

Friend Reference

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