Here at YWAM Gold Coast we regularly welcome volunteers from all over the world to join with us in practical serving ways. If you want to do something practical for God or are wanting to find out more about missions, then Volunteering is just the thing for you! The opportunities you will have to make new friends, learn about missions and enjoy our amazing city is an experience waiting for you to enjoy!! We are incredibly grateful for the Volunteers who have served at our centre over the years, showing up at just the right time and jumping in to lend a hand.


As a Volunteer, you may serve for a term of 1 to 3 months (with the option of longer if desired) after which time we encourage you to consider becoming involved in one of our Discipleship Training Schools. Volunteers have previously served in everything from our kitchen to our IT department and have been instrumental in property development and maintenance of our ever growing facility. If you are thinking of hitting the road to explore our amazing world why not look at Volunteering with us along the way and make your trip count!! If you are interested in any staffing or mission building opportunities email info@ywamgc.com.au


Accommodation is $20.00 per day with food (if the kitchen is open) or $15 per day if the kitchen is closed or if you choose to provide your own food.  If you are living off base but wish to have meals at the base then meals are $7.50 per day (lunch, dinner, tea and coffee). Please note that you are responsible for your own breakfast and weekend food.

NOTE: We have an urgent need for a lead kitchen hand in the January 2018 quarter.  We would prefer to have someone that has a love for food and some experience with buying food, budgeting and menu planning.  There will be a level of leadership needed as helpers will be looking to the lead kitchen hand for direction.
This role will have accommodation and food for free while serving with YWAM Gold Coast  (up to 3 months).  The food available for free does not include breakfast or weekend food.
This will be a full-time position, but there will be plenty of opportunities to spend time experiencing our famous Gold Coast!

Travel costs to and from YWAM Gold Coast and health insurance are not included in this.


Our top needs are listed below, but please let us know if you have an interest in any area that you don’t see listed.


We believe that quality and healthy food is as relevant to the Kingdom of God as any other resource in our organization. If you are interested in nutrition or culinary arts, or just love to cook then the kitchen has a place for you.


Our Hospo Team is in need of willing and able servants to help keep our YWAM Gold Coast community welcoming and tidy. If you have a heart to serve, are organized, and feel your quite hospitable, then get in touch!  


Areas like Facility Maintenance, Grounds Keeping, House Maintenance are looking for committed and inspired staff.

If you are interested in any staffing or volunteer opportunities email info@ywamgc.com.au

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