Walk with God

Walk with God

God gives us freedom which allows us to make our own decisions, to choose what we want. We choose whether we walk through life holding God’s’ hand or not. I believe that walking with God is the key to freedom.

How have you experienced freedom in your life?

Unfortunately, I’ve experienced life without God meaning, I wasn’t holding His hand during my journey. I know He was walking beside me the entire time hoping that I would eventually grab His hand again, He is that faithful friend who doesn’t give up on you.

I tried to prove a point by doing whatever I wanted to do using my self-titled freedom which was lacking wisdom and Godly input. Eventually I got it; there isn’t any other point to prove except that you can’t make it without God and it’s true! I wasn’t content with the way I lived my life, I kept taking steps backward and wasn’t growing. Deep inside I knew that God is love, hope, peace, and joy; so I grabbed His hand and He was right there. God is always present and when I grabbed hold of Him again I received hope and I believe that is the key to freedom.

Freedom is found only in Christ.

When you put God aside you’re pretty much walking in the dark, without having a compass. You find yourself in sketchy situations, not knowing how to get out of them, you just feel lost. The only way to get back on track is to be open to the Lord again and allow Him to guide you in every situation.

Why are we free to choose?

Freedom is being so in love with Christ that you do exactly what you want to do and it accords with Christ. – John Piper

God gave us free choice because He wants us to choose Him on our own. He could have created us without any opinions or any emotions, but He didn’t! Instead God gave us freewill to choose Him or not – Intimacy requires free choice

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Written by: Aless Amstutz // base staff
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