What Easter Means to Me…

What Easter Means to Me…

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What Easter Means to Me…

Growing up, Easter was always about getting new dresses for church, being with family, finding Easter eggs, and my mom ruining the potatoes, (not joking, three years in a row it happened).  Nowadays, I realize that Easter is much more than Scalloped Potatoes and Ham on a Sunday Afternoon with Family.

Easter is something that is not to be taken lightly anymore. Easter is remembering Jesus and what He did for us. Easter is something that, since it happened, has changed our lives forever. We are no longer condemned by what the world says, but we are set free because of the open tomb.

I was listening to Rend Collective’s song “Boldly I Approach,” And in it, there is a line that says, “This is the Art of Celebration, That I am Free from Condemnation!” And boy, does that that simple phrase that they sing, wrap up the Easter message in nine words.


Easter is so much more than just a cross, an empty tomb, and a bunny rabbit. Easter is a celebration that we are no longer bound by our sins, it is a celebration, that a friend gave his life for us.

We celebrate the fact that we now have life. We are no longer bound to the Enemy. John 10:10 says it exactly like that: “I have come that they may have life, and life abundantly.” When Jesus died on that cross and ROSE AGAIN (can’t forget that, that’s the main part),  He won for us. He was like a soldier on a battlefield, taking a grenade for his friends. Without Him dying, the world would have gone into complete chaos. Just think, people today think the world is chaos, (it is), but it would have been so much worse if Jesus hadn’t died for us.

Easter to me is a time to reflect, but also rejoice. It is a reflecting time because I reflect on life, on all the memories, and I look to see where Jesus was in all of those times. How He used my situations for good, and how He never once failed me.  But it’s a time to rejoice because Jesus chose me. He chose me on that cross. He decided that my life was worth more than his. But the thing is, it was not just my life that He decided about, He decided about yours too. He thought and He still thinks, that you are worth it. Every whip to his back, every word that was said, and every nail in his body, He thought of you.

If you were to ask Him if He would do it again, You can be sure that He would say “YES!” Without a hesitation. 

Easter to me is a celebration. Because a friend conquered death. He hung on a cross for six hours, to be put in a tomb for three days, and to rise again. He did the impossible. He won a war for me. To me, Easter isn’t something to just be celebrated one weekend out of the year. It is a daily celebration. That is why I am choosing to look at the empty tomb as a promise every day of the year. To remember that Jesus chose me, and is still choosing me. And I get the honor to choose Him.

This Easter, I hope you eat as much as you weigh in delicious food, and have a great time with your family and friends. But most importantly, I hope you remember that Easter is something different. I hope you remember the true meaning of Easter. I hope you celebrate this Easter, with a different heart than usual. I hope that you love more, appreciate better, and never take anything for granted. 

If you want to watch some videos on Easter, I have included some links to them 🙂 I hope that you find them well like I did!

The Skit Guys

Kids view of Easter

Written By: Brittany Bodien // Registrar, Media, and DTS Staff
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