“It Will Not Be Easy…”

“It Will Not Be Easy…”

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“It Will Not Be Easy…”

So, as my time at home is coming to a close, very fast, may I add, I really began to question everything that God had told me. Before I left Australia, I was told countless times, “You will probably begin to rethink everything, but stand tall, and REMEMBER what the Lord has told you.”

So, I now have one month left, (AHHH), before I leave for this incredible journey. This past week especially, I was really praying, and doubting everything. I was just so frustrated about the fact that I am leaving so soon. Also, the fact that I am going back to a nearly empty base. I feel like I am going to miss out on SO much here at home. I want to be home with my friends for the summer, spend more time with my family, because as we all know, summer in Minnesota, is the best. 

But, earlier today, I was really praying to the Lord, I was praying and I just asked him “Why am I not going in September, it would be SO much easier, God.” This is what I heard back:

“That’s exactly it, it would be easier. Brittany, what I have called you to, IS NOT going to be easy.” I was reminded of the scripture, where Jesus says, leave your family, your friends, your belongings, everything. Take up your cross, and follow me. Your reward is being stored up in Heaven.

Then I heard him speak: “Brittany, I have not promised that this life will be easy. But it will be worth it. I am taking you places, where you cannot go home. If you would have left in September, it would be SO easy for you. Because you would not have to miss out on things at home. At the moment, there is something huge in Australia waiting for you. I am taking you outside of your comfort zone, you’re going back to a comfortable place, but with people who you are not the most comfortable with. I am going to show you how awesome it will be. You will find your place at the Base. I am God, whom you shall Trust. I will never leave you. I go before you and stand behind you. I am with you in your darkest hour.” I am still replaying that conversation in my mind. How clearly he has spoken to me. How clearly I can listen to him.

Earlier this afternoon, I was talking to a great friend of mine, and I felt like the Lord was telling me to be really honest with him about how I was doing. Because I hadn’t told anyone how I was really feeling (Sorry Mom). So I was. I told him the truth about how I am scared and doubting to go back. And how I really didn’t want to at that moment. And my friend was able to speak so much truth into my life. You see, this friend of mine, recently left his family, after only being home from DTS for two months, because the Lord had called him to go to a School of Worship (SOW) in Denver. So he was able to give me first-hand advice, and experience of what he went through. Also, God ended up reminding him of a verse for me; any guesses on what it was? Mark 10:29-31 : “Truly I tell you,’ Jesus replied, ‘no one who has left home or brothers or sisters or mother or father or children or fields for me and the gospel will fail to receive a hundred times as much in this present age: homes, brothers, sisters, mothers, children, and fields – along with persecutions – and in the age to come eternal life. But many who are first will be last, and the last will be first.” (NIV) It is the exact verse is the one that God reminded me of when I was praying earlier. God is so good. He knows exactly what we need before we even ask.

As my time at home is soon to be over, I am NO LONGER counting down the days. I have realised, that that takes away so much of what could happen. I need to focus on the day, and just the day, not tomorrow, and not yesterday, not next week, and not Australia. JUST TODAY. I am so so so excited to be going so soon. I cannot wait to spend more time with my family and friends before I go. I know that this is exactly what the Lord has planned for me.

“HERE I AM LORD; SEND ME.” I am standing with my hands wide, and my heart open. I am ready for this journey, wherever you take me.

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Written by: Brittany Bodien // Registrar, Media, and DTS Staff


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